All 4 One (Album)


  • Alina Bock
  • Manuela " Manou " Oeschger
  • Daniel " Dan " Möllersmann
  • Angel Garcia Arjona

All 4 One ( dt: "All for one " ) is the debut album from German pop group beFour. It was released on 13 July 2007 in German-speaking and made ​​it to number one on the album charts in Germany and Switzerland. It was able to sell more than 225,000 times. The album was certified gold ( Austria and Switzerland ) and platinum ( Germany ) and is their most successful.

Track list


At the production of the debut album of beFour to a total of 19 producers and songwriters involved. Christian Geller and Adam Bernau produced all the tracks on the CD. Bernau mixed almost all of the titles of the longplayer. The lyrics are, with some exceptions, of Geller. The first published as a single song, " Magic Melody " was composed and written by Alexey Potekin, Sergei Zhukov and Christian Geller. Text and composition of the song " Come Fly with Me" are by Nick Manic and Mike Jaxx. The second piece that was extracted from the album, " How Do You Do? ", Composed Christian Geller, Wolfgang Boss and Dmitry Kokhanovskiy.

The song " Zero Gravity " was written by Petra Bonmassar, Achim Kleist and Wolfgang von Webenau and composed. In the song " Cherry Babe" to Geller and Bernau not involved; here are Music and Lyrics by Marcel Botezan, Lucian Ionescu, Radu Bolifea and Sebastoam Barac. The penultimate title of the album All 4 One, "Bye Bye Baby", was composed in 2007 by Mark Nissen, Hartmut Krech and Antonio Berardi. Also the lyrics of this song was written by them.

Chart positions


Magic Melody

"Magic Melody " was released as the first single of the band on June 15, 2007. It is a cover of the group Ruki wwerch. In Germany the song reached # 16 and was able to hold a total of 13 weeks in the charts. In Austria, the piece placed in eleventh place. Here it remained represented 17 weeks long. In Switzerland, the song came on position 14 where the song was represented for 15 weeks in the charts. The directing the video shoot took Nikolai Georgiev.

How Do You Do?

" How Do You Do? " Was released on 10 August 2007 as a successor. The single reached number 12 in Germany and was represented publishes eleven weeks. In Austria, the title placed fifth. The song stayed here 17 weeks on the charts. In Switzerland, was " How Do You Do? " Compete in eleventh place in the charts. After ten weeks of track from the hit parade fell out. Also in this video took over Nikolay Georgiev the Director.

Little, Little Love

The last single from the album was released " Little, Little Love" on 14 September 2007. The last extraction reached number 27 in Germany. Here, the song spent nine weeks in the chart rankings. In Austria, the song remained at position 30 and here could hold seven weeks. In Switzerland, the piece also finished 27th place, and fell here after five weeks off the charts. The Director also led Nikolai Georgiev.

Awards for music sales

Golden Record

  • Germany 2007: for the Album "All 4 One"
  • 2007: for the Album "All 4 One"
  • 2007: for the Album "All 4 One"

Platinum record

  • Germany 2007: for the Album "All 4 One"