All- 4 -One is an American R & B group, which became particularly by the number -one hit I Swear from 1994 notoriety.


The four vocalists Delious Kennedy ( born December 2, 1973), Jamie Jones ( born November 25, 1971), Tony Borowiak ( born October 12, 1972), and Alfred Nevarez ( born May 18, 1972) met in Los Angeles and decided to know to apply with a cover version of the song So Much in Love by the Tymes in 1963 at a local label. Blitzz Records took them under contract and released the song end of 1993. He immediately reached the Top 5 on the U.S. charts and reached gold status.

The second publication, they recorded a version of the soulpop country hits I Swear by John Michael Montgomery. The song became a million seller with 11 weeks at No. 1 hit of the year in the United States. Worldwide, I Swear placed in numerous countries at the top of the charts, including twelve weeks in Switzerland, nine weeks in Germany and eight weeks in Austria. At the Grammy Awards, she was awarded as the best Popdarbietung of the year.

This was followed by the debut album, which was the band's name and also was very successful. It lasted for nearly one and a half years in the U.S. charts and sold over four million units for with 4x Platinum Award. However, the other singles Skillz and Breathless could not reach high rankings more.

Just one year later, the follow-up album And the Music Speaks appeared. The first single I Can Love You Like That, again a cover version of a hit of Montgomery, again reached number 5 and gold status in the United States. Although the album reached only number 27, but nevertheless still sold over a million copies. Another hit no longer contained the album.

International order had lapsed again the interest in All- 4 -One. In the U.S., still followed a fairly successful Christmas album. In addition, they had with the song Someday from the soundtrack of the 1996 film version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame another hit single, which again sold half a million copies.

Due to problems with their label released their third album On and On until 1998 and remained largely unnoticed. This was followed by label changing and other publications unsuccessful. The mid-2000s tried to Jamie Jones as a solo singer and as a producer. As recently as 2009, the band came back to some success with the album No Regrets, which appeared in Peak Records. It reached number 48 after all the R & B charts and the song My Child was also able to place in the R & B charts.



  • So Much in Love ( 1993)
  • I Swear (1994 )
  • She's Got Skillz ( 1994)
  • Breathless (1994 )
  • I Can Love You Like That (1995 )
  • I'm Your Man with My Baby (1995 )
  • Yo te voy a querer (1995 )
  • Christmas Eve (1995 )
  • These Arms (1996 )
  • Someday [# 1] (1996)
  • Listen Now! / Someday [# 2] ( 1996)
  • I Will Be Right Here (1998)
  • Not Ready for Goodbye ( 2001)
  • Beautiful as You ( 2002)
  • My Child (2009)
  • When I Needed an Angel (2009)


  • All-4 -one (1994)
  • And the Music Speaks (1995 )
  • An All -4- One Christmas (1995 )
  • On and On (1998)
  • A41 (2002)
  • Split Personality ( 2004)
  • Greatest Hits ( Best-of album, 2004)
  • No Regrets (2009)


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