All About the Benjamins

All About the Money ( Original Title: All About the Benjamins ) is an American action-comedy from 2002 directed by Kevin Bray, the screenplay by Ronald Long and Ice Cube. .


The bounty hunter Bucum is dissatisfied with his pay. He starts his own business. Bucum is with the arrest of the criminal opportunity Reggie Wright, whom he previously arrested repeatedly instructed.

Wright flees Bucum and hides in a pickup truck in which he hears about a planned robbery. He flees again, but leaves a lottery ticket, he try to his girlfriend Gina, Bucum and his girlfriend Pam again to obtain. They fight on a boat against the robbers and get into the possession of the note.

Wright was imprisoned for some time. After his release from prison, he is picked up by Bucum, Gina and Pam with a luxury car. In the last scene we see the now friendly people on a motor yacht.


Teresa Wiltz wrote in the Washington Post, it was painful to see a " talented thespians " who debase themselves in such a way. It was clear that he was doing this for the money.

Movie service wrote that the film was a "conventional buddy comedy with hip- hop rhythms, the superficial entertainment full of sloppy connection error " offer. The " trivialization of violence that far conventional moral boundaries " overstepping, is particularly annoying.

The magazine Cinema criticized, " the excited chatter, the indiscriminate violence and stupid behavior of the types" would annoy such that it is difficult to " endure to the end ". The conclusion of the editorial is: "Much Geballere and even more silly talk ."


The film was shot in Hollywood (Florida ) and Miami. His cost of production was estimated at 14 million U.S. dollars. The film played in theaters in the USA a about 25.5 million U.S. dollars. In some countries such as Spain, Australia and Germany it was released directly to DVD or video.