All rights reserved

" All rights reserved" (English: All rights reserved) is a copyright of (English copyright) derived set that is attached to copyrighted works. The current copyright law requires in most countries no longer such Note, however, the entry will be used.

Earlier this sentence was needed to be recorded in writing, that all rights granted by copyright (eg the right to publish the work in a given area ) stay with the rights owners, so that legal action against copyright infringement can be undertaken. This need resulted from the Buenos Aires Agreement between several American states from 1910, which specified that a written reservation is necessary in order to ensure the legal protection in all countries that are party to the Convention.

Since the accession of Nicaragua on 23 August 2000 to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Art from 1886 in her Paris Act, 1971 is the set without legal significance, since now every country that was a member of the Buenos Aires Convention, also a member of the Berne Convention. The Berne Convention requires that legal protection is ensured without the formalities of copyright notes.