All Things Considered

All Things Considered (ATC ) is the afternoon news program of public radio station National Public Radio ( NPR) in the United States.


The show will be aired from Monday to Sunday. The two-hour working day issue (even holidays) will be produced live from 16-18 clock (east coast time ) and then to 22 clock (east coast time) as a continuous loop ( "feed" ) repeatedly. If necessary, the shipment will be updated during the iteration. Local partner stations take the feed and radiate it out to them at appropriate time on site. Send Most stations ATC 16-20 clock local time.

At the weekend a shortened one-hour version is sent under the name Weekends On All Things Considered ( WATC ). The aura is usually by 17 clock local time.


The show will be broadcast since 1971 and, together with its counterpart in the morning ( Morning Edition ) the flagships of NPR News NPR newsroom. It reached an audience of 12.5 million listeners in 2012. ATC was conceived as a radio program for the evening rush hour ( " drive time radio" ).

The weekend edition is broadcast since 1977.


Each transmission time consists of four segments (AD). This program provides the framework partner stations great flexibility: you can use the individual segments do not take over completely, partially or completely. This gives you the possibility to broadcast their own reports and reports within the program. There are, for a dedicated time window that the partner stations can fill (so-called " station breaks" ), but they can also replace individual reports by local reporting.

At the beginning of the broadcast hour is a 60 -second short summary ( " Billboard " ) of the top issues for the next hour. Many stations to replace the original version by a local variant. Then follow the news. The message block is five minutes long and has short breaks after three minutes. In this break many partner stations scissors out of the main messages and send local news or traffic information.

The A segment starts after after 6:30 minutes and lasts for about 12:30 minutes. This segment is treated (analogous to the Morning Edition ) the hot topic of the day. In the weekend edition a large report is sent under the title "Our cover story today" in the rule. It is followed by a 90 second long window of time that the partner stations can fill (eg local headlines, traffic or advertising).

The B segment starts after 20:30 minutes and has a length of approximately 8 minutes. It is followed by another " station break" and the news.

The C segment begins to to 35.30 minutes and has a length of 13 minutes.

The last block, the D- segment starts at minute 50


ATC will be hosted jointly during the week usually from two moderators. The weekend edition has only a moderator. The Werktagsausausgabe is from the studios at NPR 's headquarters in Washington, DC produced. The production of the weekend edition is to be installed in the studios of NPR West in Culver City, California ..


The moderation of the business day issue currently share three presenters:

  • Robert Siegel (since 1987)
  • Melissa Block (since 2003)
  • Audie Cornish (since 2012)


  • Guy Raz (2009 - December 2012)
  • Arun Rath ( from September 2013)


ATC has some recurring headings in the program. Among them are

  • Mondays: " All Tech Considered ": Reports on current technological developments;
  • Fridays: Political analysis from both sides of the political spectrum with David Brooks ( New York Times) and EJ Dionne (Washington Post );
  • Saturdays: Political analysis with James Fallows ( The Atlantic ).