Allan B. Magruder

Allan Bowie Magruder (* 1775 in Kentucky; † April 16, 1822 in Opelousas, Louisiana ) was an American politician ( Democratic- Republican). He was one of the first two U.S. senators from the state of Louisiana.

A native of Kentucky Allan Magruder visited in his home state schools, then went on to graduate and finally studied law. He was admitted to the bar in 1796 and commenced practice as a lawyer in Lexington. Later he settled as a lawyer in the Louisiana Territory. There, his political career began with membership of the Territorial House of Representatives.

After the accession of Louisiana to the United States were Magruder and Jean N. Destréhan than the first two U.S. senators from the new state to Washington DC posted. During his mandate Destréhan but never officially took, Magruder's tenure began on September 3, 1812; it ended because it had fallen to the Class 3- seat, on March 3 the following year. Magruder did not run again, returned to Louisiana, where he worked again as a lawyer. He died in April 1822 in Opelousas.