Allan Wilson (Scottish politician)

Allan Wilson (* August 5, 1954 in Glasgow ) is a Scottish politician and member of the Labour Party.


McNulty visited the Glengarnock Primary School and the Spier 's School, Beith. He then worked for the unions Nupe and UNISON. McNulty was a member of the football team of the Scottish Parliament and is chairman of the football club of Kilbirnie. In youth football area of Ayrshire, he served in various teams as a coach. Wilson is married with two sons and lives in Kilbirnie.

Political career

Between 1992 and 1999, Wilson was a member of the Executive of the Scottish Labour Party and from 1986 to 1996 campaign director of the House of Representatives Brian Wilson. In the first Scottish Parliament elections in 1999 Wilson first came to elections at the national level. He applied for the direct mandate of the constituency of Cunninghame North and was able to achieve the direct mandate with a clear lead over the SNP candidate Kay Ullrich. In Parliament, Wilson held various positions in this legislative period. He was, until March 2001 Deputy of November 2000, Secretary of State for Culture and Sport, then until November 2001 for culture, arts and sports, and finally for education and development of rural regions. In the parliamentary elections in 2003, he defended his position. His position as Deputy Secretary of State for Education and Development of Rural Regions retained Wilson initially and then was appointed in October 2004 as Deputy State Secretary for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning. In the Scottish Parliament elections in 2007 he lost his seat to the SNP candidate Kenneth Gibson and retired from the Scottish Parliament from .. Gibson won here by a margin of only 48 votes, and thus the scarcest lead in all constituencies in this election. Due to the tight result, the Labour Party retained initially submit the result to challenge, then waived on this point. In the Scottish Parliament elections in 2011 Wilson ran again for Cunninghame North, Gibson defeated but this time significantly.