Allard is a former British car manufacturer from the London district of Clapham. It was founded in 1946 by Sydney Allard as " Allard Motor Company Ltd.. " founded and existed until 1966. successor company reactivated the brand in the aftermath several times.

Automotive and History

Production began in 1936 with the model " Special" in the smallest quantities. In other racing efficient single pieces American V8 engines were installed. In 1946 the racing Roadster J.1 was presented. It was followed by the more comfortable K.1 and later the four-seater L and M. All vehicles were equipped with the 3622 cc V8 engine from Ford. 1949 came the 5/6-sitzige P Saloon and 1950 J.2 with De Dion rear axle and a V8 engine of Mercury, Cadillac or Chrysler. In 1952 there was the P.2 Estate Car Safari and the smaller model Palm Beach. Possible engine versions were:

  • 2267 cc engine from the Ford Zephyr ( six-cylinder engine )
  • 1508 cc engine from the Ford Consul
  • 3442 cc engine from Jaguar ( this, however, until later, for the Palm Beach II )

At the other end of the market the Allard Clipper was positioned, a three-wheeled microcar with plastic body, de was powered by a 350 cc big motorcycle engine. The Clipper only a preliminary series of 20 watches arose; series production did not materialize.

In the late 1950s, the market for custom-made special vehicles decreased to such an extent so that the early 1960s, the company had to stop its activities. The majority of the 1820 -built Allard went to the USA. Brand restart attempts, there were 1981 and 1991, but without success.

Today there is the Allard Motor Works, based in Montreal ( Canada ), which again offers individually designed sports cars since the late 1990s.

Sporting successes

In 1947 there were the first victories in hill climbs and at the Lisbon Rally. Revised the model came as J2X 1952 in racing. Among other things, Allard was several times at the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the start. Sydney Allard won with a P.1 in 1952, the Monte Carlo Rally. Later succeeded Sydney Allard, some 5.4 l Cadillac engines to acquire, which accelerated the car with 160 hp to 210 km / h.


The cockpit

Front view

Rear view

Failed microcar project: Allard Clipper