Alleghanian orogeny

The Alleghenische orogeny from the Late Carboniferous to Permian - 300 mya - is the third and final phase of Acadischen Gebirgsbildungsära on Laurentia, then part of Laurussia, due to the collision with Gondwana in the closing stages of the formation of the supercontinent Pangaea Global.

At the same time, the Variscan orogeny formed at the other two cratons Laurussias, Baltica / Avalonia especially in Southern England and Southern Ireland further out, and the Mauritanian mountains in northwest Africa - at that time, as the Atlantic did not yet exist, located across the Appalachian Mountains - rose.

To the east of the later Laurasia the Siberian and Kazakh Kraton came to the Russian craton Balticas and folded in a first phase the Ural Ural Ocean on.