Allen B. DuMont

After he had in 1924 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, graduated in Troy, New York, he joined the Westinghouse Lamp Company in Bloomfield, New Jersey, where he increased the production of radio tubes around a hundred times, and it was awarded the first Westinghouse Award. In 1928 he was hired by Lee De Forest, where he met with mechanical television by Charles Francis Jenkins. Since forsest not supported his improvement, he founded in 1931 in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, to build the DuMont Laboratories to its cathode ray tube (CRT).

When he the U.S. Army Signal Corps in 1932 introduced a Ship finder, this begged him not to patent and to keep secret. So his radar was not known.

During the Second World War, he developed giant CRTs for the Manhattan Project.

As of June 1938, he produced the first TV Model 180 television and in 1946 he founded the DuMont Television Network, that he sold to John Kluge due to lack of profitability in 1956. After they had developed in the late 1950s, a precursor of the Trinitron tube he sold in 1960 and its production plant at Emerson Radio.

  • Americans
  • Personality of Electrical Engineering
  • Born 1901
  • Died in 1965
  • Man

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