Allen Johnson

Allen Johnson 2007 in Berlin

Allen Kenneth Johnson ( born March 1, 1971 in Washington, DC ) is a former American track and field athlete.


Johnson began his athletics career as a decathlete. His best events were high jump and long jump. He specialized later on the 110 m hurdles. From the mid- 1990s, he was the world's best hurdler. He won the world title at the World Athletics Championships in Gothenburg in 1995 and a year later at the Olympic Games in Atlanta Olympic champion. At the 1997 World Championships in Athens, in 1999 in Seville and in Paris in 2003 he won also gold. At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, he was plagued by injuries, but battled through to the final, where he, however, had no chances for a medal. Unlucky he was also at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, where he joined the 2nd qualifying round in a hurdle and fell. His personal best time is 12.92 s He played eleven races with a time under 13 seconds, more than any other hurdler in history. At the World Athletics Championships in Helsinki in 2005, he entered in to win his fifth world title, which he did not succeed. The 34- year-old won the bronze medal. World Champion was the Frenchman Ladji Doucouré.

In July 2010, he announced that he ended his athletic career.

Allen Johnson is 1,78 m tall and weighed about 70 kg competition times.

110m Hurdles runs under 13 seconds

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