Allgemeines Deutsches Kommersbuch

The General German Kommersbuch (ADK, also Lahrer Kommersbuch ) is the best known Kommersbuch ( songbook for use on the student pub ) in Germany. It first appeared in 1858 and in 2008 reached its 165th edition. In his latest, greatly expanded edition, it contains over 700 songs, including mainly students and folk songs.

The ADK is bound specifically for the customer by hand and equipped according to the wishes of the customer, such as bound in leather, provided with beer nails provided with the circle of connection and with color section.

The ADK appear until 2000 from the publisher Moritz Watch Castle in Lahr. Since 2000, it is laid in Morstadt Publisher, Kehl.


The General German Kommersbuch was today launched 165 times.