Allied health professions

Health professional described in the broadest sense a profession that deals with treating diseases and disabilities.

Legal definition

Practice of medicine is any professionally or commercially made ​​activity to identify, cure, or alleviation of disease, suffering or bodily harm to people, even if it is exercised in the service of others.

Health Professional

Under current law, the practice of medicine is only permissible if the members of one academic medical profession and health practitioners in Germany. § 1 Heilpraktikergesetz

Among the academic health professions include ( doctor, dentist, doctor, veterinarian and pharmacist), whose members are organized in professional associations.

The profession of medical practitioner ( Germany, Switzerland ) includes the practice of medicine under restrictions, such as prescription when prescribing medications or the treatment of some infectious diseases. The job title may only lead who has a relevant state registration according Heilpraktikergesetz.

According to § 4 section 26b UStG " of medical care in human medicine, which are performed in the exercise of the activity as a physician, dentist, medical practitioner, physiotherapist, midwife or similar professional medical activity " - with the exception of certain services in connection with dental prostheses or orthodontic appliances - exempt from VAT in Germany.

Special Healers

As a " special health professional " occupations in the field of Psychology, psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychotherapy and music therapy and art therapy and other psychotherapeutic healing professions were first called. Lists of " special healing professions " now comprise more than 50 different job titles.

Medical professions

The professions occupational therapist, health and nursing, health and pediatric nurses, geriatric nurse, midwife / childbirth assistants, speech therapist, massage therapist and medical lifeguards, medical radiographers, surgical Technical Assistant, Nursing Aid, Medical professional staff / Dental specialist staff / veterinary medical specialist worker, physiotherapist, dietician and paramedic called " medical professions " and belong to the allied health professions. This includes pharmaceutical-technical assistant ( PTA), medical technical assistants ( MTAs) and physiotherapists. The physician assistant is on his qualifications between physician and allied health profession. The job titles are protected. Tests are supervised by the state.