Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis K. K. (Japaneseアライドテレシス 株式会社, Araido Tereshisu Kabushiki - gaisha ) is an international provider of secure IP / Ethernet access solutions and an industry leader in the deployment of IP Triple Play networks over copper and fiber access infrastructure.

The integrated POTS -to -10G Internet iMAP multiservice access platform and the intelligent Multiservice Gateway ( iMG ) allow operators of public and private networks and service providers of all sizes, in conjunction with advanced switching, routing, and IPv6-enabled transportation solutions using scalable carrier-grade networks for cost-effective packet-based voice, video and data services.


Allied Telesis is part of the Allied Telesis Group, formerly known under Allied Telesyn, and in March 1987 in Japan with a capital of 1 million yen ( equivalent to about 8,500 euros ) Plus system founded under the name of Co.. After only 6 months, the company will Allied Telesis KK renamed. Following the increase of the debt to 99 million yen (about 850,000 euros ) three years later in 1991 carried the expansion to Singapore by the Allied Telesyn Intl branch. Asia Pte., Ltd..

In 1995, the market entry follow in Australia (Allied Telesyn Intl. Pty Ltd. ) As well as the opening of a sales office in Malaysia. Two years later, the debt increased to 734 million yen ( approximately € 6.26 million ) and a further office in Taiwan will be opened.

In 1999 the company acquired a network area of Teltrend Ltd.. U.S. and founded CentreCOM Systems Ltd.. UK. It follows a year later entered the market in Italy by Allied Telesyn Europe Service Srl as well as in Korea with Allied Telesyn Korea Co., Ltd. and the establishment of a Research & Development Centre (Allied Telesis Labs Ltd New Zealand. ) in Christchurch, New Zealand. In addition, the Allied Telesis K. K. on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in the second division ( for medium-sized companies, ed ) listed.

In 2001, the founding of a software development center in the Philippines ( Allied Telesyn Philippines Inc. ) and the market entry in Austria (Allied Telesyn International GmbH) and in China takes place (Allied Telesis Suzhou Co., Ltd.). Alongside the opening of a new Research - & Development center in North Carolina, USA (Allied Telesyn networks Inc.).

2002 is expanded to Spain (Allied Telesyn International SLU) and Switzerland (Allied Telesyn International SA ).

On 1 July 2004, the old Allied Telesis K. K. in Allied Telesis Holdings K. K. renamed and the current Allied Telesis KK than 100 % subsidiary refounded.

A year later, the company ROOT Inc., a wireless networking company acquires. In addition, another branch (Allied Telesis Capital Corp. ) in Washington, USA is founded. 2006 opened another branch (Allied Telesis Capital Corp. ) on the Yokota Air Base in Japan.

2007 SwitchBlade x908 is introduced into the market. In addition, the branch Allied Telesis Yokota AFB with IPTV starts as part of the IVVD contract with AAFES for the Yokota community. A year later, Allied Telesis Yokota AFB adds 23 channels for video offering and relies on a core provider of telephone calls to the U.S.. In addition, Allied Telesis various eco-friendly networking products brings ( "Green IT" ) on the market.

Solutions and product portfolio

Allied Telesis provides solutions for networking in carrier, enterprise and connectivity range. These include access, aggregation, backbone and core transport technologies for Ethernet / IP-based solutions and end-to -end networking solutions and Ethernet networks for enterprise customers or connectivity systems. In addition, provides and develops various products for Allied Telesis Hardware & Services, IT Infrastructure, Core Network Solutions and Secure Access Solutions.

  • Switches: as managed, unmanaged and WebSmart versions for different infrastructures ( copper and fiber ) and the use of the core to the edge area
  • Router: Access Router Series WAN and Internet Multiservice Access solutions for T1/E1, ISDN, xDSL and leased lines, hardware and software features such as advanced routing, QoS, IPv6, modular VPN Router, support for conventional protocols (IPX, frame relay ) and Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • Media Converter: for mix of media and data rates in the copper and fiber optic systems, combination of technologies with legacy systems, increasing the useful life of legacy peripherals
  • NIC: Ethernet connectivity for voice, video and data transfer to the desktop, integrated software diagnostics for maintenance, operation and troubleshooting; Support of copper and fiber ports: RJ -45, SC, ST, MT- RJ and BNC