Allison Bradshaw

Allison Bradshaw ( born November 14, 1980 in San Diego, California ) is a former American tennis player.

  • 4.1 Single
  • 4.2 double


Bradshaw 's mother ( Valerie Ziegenfuss ), which was also a tennis player, was among a group of players such as Billie Jean King and Rosie Casals 1970 docked because of the payment by the United States Tennis Association ( USTA ). Schlußendlicht this led to a Entschehen 's tennis tour.

1998 year ended Bradshaw High School successfully.


At the age of six years, Bradshaw began playing tennis.

On the professional tour Bradshaw appeared for the first time in 1999 when she played the qualification of San Diego, but lost to Anke Huber. The next year she played mainly on the Satellite tour, but again the qualification in San Diego. This year, she lost in the second round against Anne Kremer of Luxembourg. In the WTA tournament in Philadelphia, she lost in the qualifiers against Greta Arn. Equipped with a wildcard Bradshaw played in 2000 for the first time at a Grand Slam tournament. In the first round she defeated Sarah Pitkowski and in the second round she defeated Marissa Irwin. The end of the tournament came in the third round when she lost to Arantxa Sánchez Vicario with 6:72, 0:6.

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