Allison & Lillia

Allison to Lillia (Japaneseアリソン と リリア, also Alison & Lilia ) is an anime television series, which arose from an adaptation of the two light novel series Allison and Lillia to Treize by the animation studio Madhouse. Both book templates were written by Keiichi Sigsawa. Director of the comprehensive 26 part series led by Masayoshi Nishida. The first half of the series realized the Allison series, while the second half dealt with the content of Lillia to Treize. It was first broadcast on 3 April 2008 to 2 October 2008 by the Japanese public broadcasting company NHK.

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Add Allison to Lillia, the world is divided into two great nations, as Roxche (ロクシェ, Rokushe ) and Sou Beil (スーベー· ·イル, SU BE Iru ) are referred to. In the fictional world, the beginning year of the events is estimated at 3287. During this long period, both nations were constantly at war with each other, the last major confrontation dates back 30 years. Since then, both nations have erected around the central flow a protection zone, while the technical level of 1930 is comparable with the approximately.


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The first half of the anime is focused on the very young and blonde pilot Allison Whittington, who joined the Air Force of Roxche, where it has collected a great deal of experience in dealing with large aircraft. On a visit to her old friend William Schultz ( abbreviated as Will) during the summer holidays, brings the untwisted the two by their daring actions always continue on the track of not more preventable adventures. To live through both three major adventures they also often lead to the land of the enemy Sou Beil. They make friends with other people and build important relationships for them, whereby repeatedly idea of a common origin of both nations at the center.

Lillia to Treize

The second part of the plot is about continuing 15 years after the results of the first half and followed with Lilliane Schultz, the daughter of Allison and Will. Lillia, meanwhile, is the way to survive with her boyfriend Treize, son of Carr Benedict and Fiona turn to new adventures.

Formation and Publications

The anime television series was directed by Masayoshi Nishida and was produced by the animation studio Madhouse in collaboration with Tezuka Productions. The music was provided by Geneon.

In Japan, the series was broadcast for the first time on the channels of NHK on 3 April 2008 to 2 October 2008.



In the anime, two different titles for opening and closing credits were used. So the bias melody Tameiki no Hashi (溜め息 の 橋) from Kuricorder Quartet and Shione Yukawa was interpreted during the outro Sayonara no Omajinai (サヨナラ の おまじない) of Sō Matsumoto, was also interpreted in conjunction with the Kuricorder Quartet.

For two titles each appeared a single, both of which were published on 25 June 2008. On the same day also appeared a character song album, which in addition to short radio plays also the title of Nana Mizuki and Motoko Kumai contained which the roles of Allison and Will played as a seiyū.