The All Movie Guide was a movie database, founded in 1994. It was developed by the U.S. company All Media Guide (AMG ) has been launched, they also operated from its headquarters in Ann Arbor (Michigan) from. 2011, the supply of the U.S. Rovi Corporation ( rovi ) was taken.

The commercial database was created as a counterpart to the existing since 1991 All Music Guide. Was the service initially available only via Gopher, existed the same website since 1995. 1995, 1996 and 1997, an electronic edition of the All Movie Guide as " Corel All- Movie Guide" published by the New York company Corel Corporation. The English-language database offered similar to the more well-known Internet Movie Database (IMDb ) information on filmmakers and films of all genres since the beginning of cinematography end of the 19th century. In addition to biographies, synopses and film reviews informed the All Movie Guide, inter alia, on TV shows, production backgrounds, the current cinema events, had a blog and contained essays on various film genres and currents. The licensed content were from paid editors ( over 900 worldwide critics, many freelance) collected and further used by thousands of merchants, websites, etc., including the Internet, mail order or the movie website of the New York Times.

By 2011, the All Movie Guide contained approximately 400,000 movie titles, more than 270,000 content information to the 30,000 biographies and 16,000 reviews. Each introduced film was subjected to an evaluation system. This was based on various factors, among others, according to the contemporary reception ( criticism, Awards, economic success in the target group ), its quality compared to other productions same genre or the reputation of the cast list. As the editors highest rating awarded five stars, as the lowest rating a star. Also, users could submit proposals for changes and extensions that have been editorially reviewed and added after a period of up to six weeks.

In addition to the All Movie Guide rovi also operates the web platforms All Game Guide ( ), which deals with computer and video games, and Allmusic ( ). ( In the last two yet the additional powered by AMG appears. )