Live reconstruction of Allosaurus

The Allosauridae are a taxon of Carnosauria and thus belong to the theropod ( Theropoda ), the carnivorous dinosaurs. The Allosauriden are taller and leaner ( hence flexible ) than the Megalosauridae. More than half the length accounted for the tail. The short, heavy head with the saber- like teeth in the jaw was sitting on a strong neck that belonged to a relatively narrow body. The animals all speak from 4.3 to 11 meters in length and weighed between 300 kg and 7 tons. They lived in the late Jurassic.

The only well-known representative is Allosaurus, the largest was Saurophaganax maximus. The latter is known only on the basis of a few bones, but is by some scientists Allosaurus (A. maximus) associated. In addition, an unnamed forelimb from the Valanginian of France is allocated to Allosauriden.


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