Allouagne is a French town with 3037 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011 ) in the Pas -de- Calais, in the Nord -Pas -de -Calais.


Allouagne is on an average height of 32 meters above sea level, 40 km south-west of Lille, the capital of the Nord-Pas -de- Calais region, and 3 kilometers northeast of Auchel close to the Autoroute A26. The municipality has an area of ​​7.81 square kilometers.


In a document from the year 1000 Allouagne Silva Aslonias is called. Silva is the Latin word for " forest ". It is believed that the word Aslonia the Germanic Ask is created, then the meaning would be " ash forest ".


Allouagne is part of the Association of Municipalities Communauté de communes Artois Lys. Since 1974 is twinned with the German city of sword or the 1975 eingemeindeten district Ergste.


The Brewing and Malting Tipret existed since the 17th century. It was sold in 1850 and called Brasserie des Houillères. 1900, the building of the brewery have been enlarged and modernized the brewing room. 1912 of the first cooling equipment is installed in the region, to a filtering and filling part. Before the beer was fermented in wooden barrels.

1927, the brewery was sold to Duquesnes and Vander Mersch, who built 1929 new production halls. 1927 produced the 25000 hectoliters brewery ale. 1946 80000 hectoliters produced bottom-fermented beer. In the 70s the brewery was closed and used as a warehouse.

Today the main industries are in Allouagne farming, vegetable growing and breeding of domestic animals.