Allstar SZD-59

PZL Bielsko SZD- 59 is a glider that is produced in Bielsko- Biała in PZL.

History and construction

The hull of the SZD -59 PZL Bielsko SZD comes from the 48-3 Jantar - 3, as are the wings that have been shortened but for this aerobatic version. In order to ensure the strength for aerobatics, individual components such as the structure and the cross-tail have been reinforced. For the haul flight still 150 liters of water can be carried as ballast to increase the surface loading. Thus, the glider is both fully aerobatic rebuild as in a track glider with a few simple steps. The first flight took place on 9 September 1991 and so far two prototypes and 23 production aircraft SZD -59- 1 were built.