Almat Kebispayev

Almat Kebispajew ( Kazakh Алмат Кебіспаев; born December 12, 1987 in Urdschar, Semipalatinsk Oblast, Kazakh SSR, USSR) is a former Kyrgyz, Kazakh wrestler today. He became in 2011 Vice World Featherweight Champion in Greco- Roman style.


Almat Kebispajew began as a teenager in 1999 with the rings. He concentrated on the Greco- Roman style. He is a member of the sports club Batr Astana and has been, or is trained by Boranbek Konyratow and Rysbek Nurgazim. Rings is currently his profession, but he is also enrolled at a university as a student. Early in his career, he still competed for Kyrgyzstan since 2006 but for Kazakhstan.

2004 Almat Kebispajew Asian junior champion in Bishkek the age group " Cadets " (up to the age of 16 ) in the weight class up to 54 kg body weight. In 2006 and 2007 he competed in the Junior World Championships in Guatemala City and in Beijing. In Guatemala City, he joined bantamweight, but resigned after a defeat against Krisztian Jager from Hungary after the first round and came by it only to 17th place. In Beijing, he started at featherweight, defeating there Rewas Laschchi from Georgia and Vahrmam Chatchatrjan from Armenia, but lost his next two fights and reached the 7th place.

In 2008 he was in Thessaloniki Featherweight World Champion universities before Kazuma Kuramoto in Japan and in 2009 he was Asian in Pattaya Vice featherweight champion. In 2010, he was then first used in Moscow at a World Cup and came featherweight off after victories over Patrick Stadelmann, Switzerland, Ravinder Singh, India and Dilshod Aripow, Uzbekistan, losing to Hassan Aliyev, Azerbaijan and another win over Iwo Angelov Bulgaria to 3rd place, winning his first World Championship medal.

2011 was Almat Kebispajew in Tashkent Asia featherweight champion. In the decisive battles he defeated this Dilshod Aripow and Anil Kumar Dhariya from India. Then a few months later he celebrated at the World Championships in Istanbul the biggest success in his career, because he was against with wins over Iwo Angelov, Ruslan Tijumenbajew, Kyrgyzstan, Carl Anders Ekström, Denmark and Luis Ignacio Liendo, Venezuela and a defeat in the final Omid Haji Noroozi, Iran, Vice World Champion. With this placement, he fought his way to the same time the eligibility for the Olympic Games 2012 in London.

International success


  • All competitions in the Greco-Roman style
  • WM = World Cup
  • Weight classes: Bantamweight up to 55 kg, Featherweight, up to 60 kg body weight


  • Journal The Ringer
  • Website " Foeldeak Wrestling Database "
  • Ringer ( Kyrgyzstan )
  • Ringer (Kazakhstan )
  • Olympian (Kazakhstan )
  • Born in 1987
  • Man
  • Kyrgyz
  • Kazakh