Almbach (Salzach)


The Almbach, officially Oberalm, is the natural outflow of the background lake in the northeast of the province of Salzburg. It reaches a length of about 17 km and flows into the Salzach in Hallein, sub-deck mentioned in the Pernerinsel Small Salzach. The creek is economically used for energy.


At the upper reaches of the rock pool, a natural rock formation of pools and holes, which is used as a natural bathing area is located. Then there is a gorge that Strubklamm the Werkschulheim Felbertal, at its upper end, an old power plant is located, the lake, the memory Strubklamm is largely silted below Faistenau.

The middle course is the Wiestal. Here the stream is dammed to Wiestalstausee; a residual amount of water remains in order not to endanger the fish in the creek. It follows the meadow Talk lamb, which is designated as a natural monument ( NDM00126 ).

Compensating basin Wiestal with power plant, power plant Wiestal with Wiestalstausee, Kraftwerk Strubklamm with Strubklamm memory, Strüblweiher and Hintersee together form the pumped storage power plant group Wiestal Salzburg AG.

In the lower reaches are the villages of Adnet and Oberalm and Halleiner Districts Adneter Riedl and Gries.

Source of the stream is the Almbachs ( Hinterseer ) Taugl to Hintersee. Tributaries are the Moertl Bach from Krispl, the Weissenbach of Hinterwinkl / Schwaitl -Alm, the Schwarzaubach ( Ebenau Bach) of Ebenau ( there with Ellmau Bach from Ellmau, Rettenbachferner of the Hinterschroffenau with monumental gorge and Plötz and Grange Bach with the Ebenauer Miihlenweg ) and the Angersbach from Wieserhörndl.

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