Almere ( listen? / I ) is the seventh largest city in the Netherlands and the largest city of the province of Flevoland. It has 195 090 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) and is located between Amsterdam and the provincial capital Lelystad.

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Name and history

The name Almere goes on a fresh water lake of the same name (see also: Zuiderzee ) back, which there was in the early Middle Ages on the site of the present IJsselmeer according to historical documents.

As part of the Zuiderzee the current urban area was drained. Since 1975, Almere is on the southern part of the Flevolandpolders, about 25 km east of Amsterdam, built.

First, the district of Almere Haven was built with its neighborhoods. The second main settlement area was then the center, ie Almere Stad. Almere Buiten as the third quarter is almost completed. Meanwhile, the first settlement ( Horst Vogel ) was built in the far distant from the center and not integrated into the city bus system Almere Hout district. The latest construction depend on the district Almere Poort, which will accommodate a large number of new residents in the next few years.

Coat of arms

Description: In the eight- red-black crocheted changed Arms ( Schrage cross) a golden shield with a black boat with blue sails billowing with silver lily on a silver sign foot with two blue waves.

On the shield rests a golden crown. It is held by two silver red hoofed and with red tail comb and well colored fin spruce seahorses.


Almere is situated on the A6 and A27 motorways. 2006 were found halfway between Amsterdam and Almere defects in the " Hollandse Brug ". This bridge will likely be closed for several years for trucks. Automobiles can use the bridge on. The motorway connections to Amsterdam is particularly highly loaded during rush hour today. But the " Hollandse Brug " is passed daily by more than 100,000 vehicles.

Almere is located on the railway line Weesp - Lelystad, Almere which, inter alia, connects with Amsterdam and Utrecht. As the city continues to grow steadily, more and more new stations were with the time needed, which is why Almere now has six stations. The Behelfsbahnhof Almere beach was only approached to special events on the beach of Almere. He has since been broken up because it was redundant with the opening of the station Poort, which is only a few hundred meters away. The Centrum station is serviced by all on the line train service. The stations Poort, Muziekwijk, Parkwijk, Buiten and Oostvaarders be of the " stoptreinen " ( local trains ) and " Sprinter" (similar to the S -Bahn in Germany ) operated trains. By the winter 2012 timetable also held in Almere Buiten Intercity trains.

Distances from Almere:

  • Amsterdam 25 km
  • Schiphol 45 km
  • Utrecht 40 km
  • Amersfoort 40 km


In Almere there are a total of nine bus lines and three night buses, which are operated by the company Connexxion. The main lines are usually traveled with articulated buses:

  • Line 1: Almere Haven - Bus Station 't Oor - Almere Stad, station - Almere Stad, Fanny blanker - Koen Sports Park - Almere Buiten, Railway Station - Almere Buiten, station Oostvaarders - Almere Buiten, Stripheldenbuurt
  • Line 5: Almere Stad, station - Almere Stad, station Parkwijk - Almere Stad, chicks Vaarten de -Noord - Almere Buiten, Railway Station - Almere Buiten, station Oostvaarders
  • Line 7: Almere- Stad, Componistenpad - Almere- Stad, Muziekwijk - Almere- Stad, Kruidenwijk - Almere- Stad, station - Almere- Stad, Parkwijk - Almere- Stad, chicks de Vaarten - Almere- Stad, Sallandsekant


Almere comprises the districts Almere Stad, Almere Haven (oldest district ) and Almere Buiten. Under construction are the districts Almere Hout and Almere Poort. As another district of Almere Pampus nor was added later. Almere is the fastest growing city in the Netherlands. Especially in Almere Buiten, but also in the new districts Almere Hout and Almere Poort there will be a building boom. Throughout the city, the roads are strictly separated. So there are dedicated bus lanes that are only accessible by public transport reserved. The buses have at every intersection with the individual transport a controlled by traffic lights right of way. For the cyclists there are separate bike paths that lead separated from other traffic through the city. The district Almere Stad includes the city center with the town hall. The city planners have thereby tried to make this new downtown somewhat the appearance of an old Dutch town.

Two other parts of the city to be built: Almere Almere IJland and Oosterwold. In the planning and development of the last neighborhood problems to be expected since it is to be built on the territory of the present municipality of Zeewolde.

Development of the population

The residents of Almere Pampus are currently attributed to the district Almere Stad still and counted there.


Local elections

The municipal elections in 2014 resulted in the following election results:

Mayor and Alderman

  • Annemarie Jorritsma - Lebbink, Mayor and former Transport and Minister of Economic Affairs
  • A. Duivesteijn, Assistant
  • J. Haanstra, Assistant
  • H. Smeeman, Assistant
  • M. Visser, Assistant


With Almere amicably connected cities

  • České Budějovice (Czech Republic)
  • Haapsalu (Estonia)
  • Kumasi ( Ghana)
  • Lancaster ( United Kingdom)
  • Milton Keynes (United Kingdom)
  • Rendsburg ( Germany )
  • Växjö (Sweden)


  • Since the season 2005/2006 the company headquartered in the city of Almere City FC play in the Jupiler League ( Eerste Divisie ), the second professional soccer league in the Netherlands.
  • Every year in August there is a classic race in the European triathlon scene. In Almere Holland Triathlon it goes beyond the traditional Ironman distance. The swim in the open IJsselmeer. The race has been held since the 80s.
  • In the years 2003 and 2004, motor boat races took the class Formula ADAC MSG motorboat Cup in Almere Haven.



Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jarno Gmelich (* 1989), Dutch cyclist
  • Hedwiges Maduro ( born 1985 ), Dutch footballer
  • Danny Masseling ( b. 1981 ), Dutch DJ