Almese ( Almèis Piedmontese ) is a municipality with 6377 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the Italian province of Turin (TO ), Region Piedmont.

Almese is a member of the Comunità montana Bassa Valle di Susa and Val Cenischia. The municipality consists of the villages Almese, Malatrait, Milanere and Rivera. The neighboring municipalities are Val della Torre, Rubiana, Villar Dora, Caselette and Avigliana.


The town is located 27 km west of Turin in the Susa Valley at an altitude of 364 m above sea level. The municipality covers an area of 17 km ².


In the area around Almese found pottery shards dated to the Iron Age. More significant discoveries have been preserved from the time of the Roman Empire. In the district of Rivera in 1980 the remains of a Roman villa have been found, which was built in the Augustan period and destroyed in the 3rd century. Also tombs of the Roman period are in the community.

In the Middle Ages the town was one of the possessions of the Abbey of San Giusto di Susa, in the 17th century it was part of the property of Bertolero family, who then assumed the title "Counts of Almese " (Earls of Almese ).



  • Scipione Riva - Rocci (1863-1937), inventor of a blood pressure monitor, born in Almese