Almirante Brown-class destroyer

COGAG drive 2 waves

2 × Rolls- Royce Tyne RM1C, 10,200 hp

2 × 12.7 - mm machine gun

The Almirante Brown class belongs to the ship MEKO series of Blohm Voss.

On 23 January 1979, the German shipyard by the Argentine Navy (Plan Nacional de Construcciones Navales ) got in the framework of the "National Shipbuilding Plan" the contract for the construction of four frigates of type Meko 360 The ships were in 1983 in the 2nd Destroyer Squadron (now the Division of destroyers ) put into service. It involves:

  • ARA Heroína (D -12)
  • ARA Sarandi (D -13)

The Sarandi was the flagship of the Argentine Navy in 2005. The class is out there as a destroyer.