Almirante Brown Department

The department Almirante Brown located in the west of the province of Chaco in the north- western Argentina and is one of 25 administrative units in the province.

It is bordered on the northwest by the province of Salta, in the north- east by the Department of General Güemes, on the east by the department of Maipú, on the southeast by the Departamento Independencia, on the south by the departments General Belgrano and Nueve de Julio and to the west by the province of Santiago del Estero.

The capital of the department of Almirante Brown is Pampa del Infierno. It is located 237 km from the provincial capital Resistencia and about 1265 km from Buenos Aires.

The department is named after William Brown (1777-1857), who was born in Ireland commander of the Argentine Navy.

Cities and Towns

The department Almirante Brown is divided into the following municipalities:

  • Concepción del Bermejo
  • Los Frentones
  • Pampa del Infierno
  • Taco Pozo