Almodis de la Marche

Almodis de la Marche ( * 1020, † October 16, 1071 ) was the daughter of Bernard I, Count of La Marche, and Amelia de Rases.

She married about 1038 V. Hugo of Lusignan, with whom she had two sons and a daughter:

  • Hugo VI. of Lusignan (c. 1039, † 1102)
  • Bank of Lusignan
  • Melisende de Lusignan ∞ before 1074 I. Simon, Viscount of Thouars

The marriage with Hugo Almodis was dissolved due to the near kinship. Hugo arranged for his wife's remarriage with Pons, Count of Toulouse. With him Almodis turn had several children:

  • William IV, Count of Toulouse, † 1094
  • Raymond of Saint- Gilles, † 1105, Count of Toulouse and Count of Tripoli
  • Hugo, testified in 1063
  • Almodis, 1079/1132 testifies, the future wife of Peter, Earl of Melgueil, † after 1085

In April 1053 she was still Pons ' wife, a short time later she was of Ramon Berenguer I, Count of Barcelona, ​​with the help of the fleet of a Muslim allies, the emir of Tortosa, which they captured during a stay in Narbonne, kidnapped. Ramon Berenguer she married immediately, even though both she and he were already married. Already in the following year, the couple is mentioned in a document with their twin sons. Pope Victor II excommunicated Almodis and Ramon Berenguer in 1056 because of this marriage. The couple had four children:

  • Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona 1076-1082
  • Raimund Berengar II, Count of Barcelona 1082-1096
  • Inés, the future wife of Guigues III. , First Count of Viennois (House Albon )
  • Sancha, the future wife of William Raymond, Count of Cerdanya

Despite the circumstances Almodis maintained contact with their children and even their former husbands. 1066/67, she traveled to Toulouse for her daughter's wedding Almodis. A few years earlier, in 1060, had V. Hugo of Lusignan against his lord, William VIII, Duke of Aquitaine, levied to support Almodis ' son from her second marriage, William IV of Toulouse.

Her third husband was from a previous marriage a son and heir, Peter Raimund ( Ramon Pere ). This distrusted the influence Almodis to his father, and was convinced that she tried to oust him in favor of their own sons. For these motives, he finally murdered her. For this act Peter Raimund was disinherited and banished from Catalonia.