Almost a Dance


  • Niels Duffhues: vocals, guitar
  • Martine van Loon: Voice
  • René Rutten: Guitar
  • Jelmer Wiersma: Guitar
  • Hugo Prinsen Geerligs: Bass, Flute
  • Frank Boeijen: Keyboard
  • Hans Rutten: drums

Almost a Dance is the second studio album by the Dutch band The Gathering. It appeared in 1993 with Foundation 2000.

Creation and publication

After the debut album Always ... The Gathering came on in Belgium and Israel. However, since the cooperation with the singers Bart Smits and Marike Groot did not work, both had to leave the band. They were replaced by Niels Duffhues and Martine van Loon. With this line a second album was recorded in September 1993, which came on the market in the same year. Soon after the release left Duffhues and van Loon again the band, new singer was from 1994 Anneke van Giersbergen.

Title list


Almost a Dance removed from the mixture of Death, Doom and Gothic Metal of the debut album and fits stylistically new singer Niels Duffhues to. This sings with clear voice and " reminiscent of Mike Patton as growling to his predecessor " Bart Smits. Consequently, the Death and Doom Metal influences largely disappear. Many compositions are orchestrated by dominant keyboards. The atmosphere is usually gloomy, the pieces seem worn and relaxed than on the debut.


The reactions to the album were from mixed and often focused to the new singer and the changing style. Umur from holds Duffhues ' vocals for "weak and monotonous ", while Martin Gross of the Metal Hammer finds that he " makes worth discovering this plate and shifted the overall image of a personal touch ." Frank Albrecht criticized by Rock Hard, that the style of the band " now a very shallow, Keyboard Lined Hard Rock " was. Ernis of find the album too immature and keeps some pieces for mere filler. In Metal Hammer is however judged Almost a Dance was a " [g ] reconcile elungener attempt convention with art."