Aloha Airlines

Honolulu International Airport

Aloha Airlines was a Hawaiian airline based in Honolulu and based on the Honolulu International Airport.


The airline began on 26 July 1946 as a charter airline under the name Trans Pacific Airlines flight traffic. The company was, however, quite quickly simply called " The Aloha Airline". On 6 June 1949 she was given its own pilot's license for passenger flights and in 1958 officially renamed Aloha Airlines.

The end of 2004, the airline was close to bankruptcy, but was able to escape through cooperation with other airlines in Hawaii yet. After the entry of the low cost airline go! in June 2006 fell by the increased competitive prices for flights between the islands and on, while the costs - steadily increased - in particular by rising crude oil prices. On 20 March 2008 finally handed Aloha Airlines again filed for Chapter 11 Bancruptcy code as acute insolvency threatened. On 31 March 2008 the last passenger flights were conducted.

The former air cargo division is continued until today with the new owner under the name Aloha Air Cargo as an independent company.


In addition to flights between the Hawaiian Islands Aloha also offered connections to the West Coast of the USA and to some other destinations in the Pacific Ocean, for example, Las Vegas, Burbank and Kiritimati.


Before hiring of flight operations, the fleet of Aloha Airlines was as of March 2008, 22 aircraft:


Aloha Airlines recorded in the history of a serious incident, which also attracted international media interest from the:

  • On 28 April 1988 broke on Aloha Airlines Flight 243 after climbing the front of the Boeing 737 a piece out of the upper torso. It came to a sudden decompression of the large surface -open cabin.