Aloysius Lilius

Aloysius Lilius (c. 1510 Ciro, Calabria, † 1576 probably in Rome), actually Luigi Lilio or Giglio, was an Italian physician, astronomer and philosopher. He is considered the spiritual father of the Gregorian calendar.

From Lilius ' life up to the year 1552, nothing is known. At that time he already taught at the University of Perugia. This year, he was recommended by Cardinal Marcello Cervini, later Pope Marcellus II, as an excellent and highly respected professor of a raise.

Lilius was with others (including Christopher Clavius ​​, Pedro Chacón ( 1526-1581 ), Ignazio Danti, Guglielmo Sirleto ) by Pope Gregory XIII. appointed to the calendar Congregation. After his death in 1576, his place in the congregation with his brother Antonio was busy, the ' presented the handwritten draft reform Lilius. This manuscript is now considered lost. The Compendium novae rationis restituendi kalendarium written by Chacón for the Congregation, contains a summary of Lilius 's work. Clavius ​​it had printed in 1577 and sent to all Christian princes and universities for consideration. It is aimed at all competent researchers, and contains as a core element Lilius ' new nineteen year cycle of epact. Finally, the calendar Congregation and the papal bull Inter gravissimas, the 1582 calendar reforms ordered Lilius took over ' design with only minor changes. In the bull Lilius is explicitly mentioned as author.

His brother Antonio initially received the exclusive right to print for the new calendar in the Papal States, which was still taken from him during the implementation phase, as he was unable to supply sufficient quantities.

The lunar crater Lilius is named after him.