ALP (automobile)

The SA des Automobiles Leroux - Pisart was a Belgian manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

The company from the Boulevard de Waterloo in Brussels began in 1919 with the production of automobiles. Paul Bastien was the design engineer who worked for Métallurgique before. The brand name was first ALP. 1920, the brand name Somea was introduced for a new model. Ended in 1923 production.

Rolling stock

Brand Name ALP

The model 10 CV was equipped with a four cylinder engine with 1847 cc capacity. There was also a model with 2121 cc capacity. The engines were from Decologne and Ballot, the chassis of Dyle et Bacalan.

Brand Name Somea

This model was introduced at the Brussels Motor Show 1920. The vehicle had a four cylinder engine with 2018 cc capacity and OHC valve control. Only a few units were built.

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