Alpha Librae

Zuben -el- dschenubi ( from Arab. الزبانى الجنوبي az- zubānā al - ğanūbī, the southern claw ( the Scorpion ) ' ) is the name of the star α Librae in the constellation Libra. Zuben -el- dschenubi is a white star of spectral type A3 at a distance of 72 light years. It has an apparent magnitude of 2.8 mag and an absolute magnitude of 1.1 mag. Zuben -el- dschenubi has a companion star of apparent magnitude 5.2 like that can be found due to its large angular distance of 231 ' ( = 3'51 " ) already in the binoculars. The spectral type of the also 72 light years distant companion is F4, its absolute brightness may 3.5.

Zuben -el- dschenubi can be covered as ekliptiknaher star from the moon and planets. The last eclipse of Zuben -el- dschenubi by a planet took place on October 25, 1947 by Venus, the next, due to low Sonnenelongation very difficult to measure coverage of Zuben -el- dschenubi by a planet on November 10, 2052 by the Mercury take place.

Coordinates of the main star ( equinox 2000.0 )

Coordinates of the companion ( equinox 2000.0 )

  • RA: 14h50m41s
  • Declination: -15 ° 59'49 "

The position angle of the companion star is 314 degrees.

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