Alpine Pearls

Alpine Pearls is a cooperative founded in 2006 by 29 tourist communities from six Alpine states. The objective of this Tourism Association is to promote the mobility: the possibility of car-free arrival and departure and the ease of use of public transport on site, and other climate-friendly holiday deals on offer to guests. The members met quality criteria, such as traffic town centers, transfer services, eco- friendly activities, mobility warranty without a car and ecological minimum standards. The individual members are called pearls.


The organization was founded on 29 January 2006 by 17 original members. The Club Alpine Pearls is the result of two build on each other EU projects ( Alps Mobility and Alps Mobility II - Alpine Pearls ). Both go back to the initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. The focus was on the creation of innovative, sustainable tourism offerings, make the tourist attractions reachable by soft mobility. The results are used in the Alpine-wide, transnational umbrella organization Alpine Pearls further and put into reality. In the period 2007-2014 more new members were added. Currently the association Alpine Pearls has 29 members.

Member locations




  • Neukirchen am GROßVENEDIGER
  • Werfenweng
  • Hinterstoder
  • Mallnitz
  • Weissensee


  • Arosa
  • Interlaken
  • Disentis / Muster



Values ​​and objectives

Values ​​that are conceptually behind the transnational cooperation Alpine Pearls are mainly acting in accordance with the principles of sustainability, a clean environment, a beautiful landscape, the promotion of regional cycles or about the preservation of region-specific characteristics such as regional identities and cultural features. To achieve these values ​​, pursue the goal of Alpine Pearls maximum waiver of polluting factors in tourism and in the transport sector. Furthermore, it is set to the active preservation of the landscape, energy supply from renewable sources, waste reduction and the use of local products.


Alpine Pearls is the winner of Ecotrophea of 2008, which is awarded annually by the German Travel Association. In addition, Alpine Pearls carrier of the Energy Globe Awards of the Year 2008. 2011 is the cooperation in the category Destination Stewardship with the Tourism for Tomorrow Award from the WTTC was excellent.