Alrosa (Russian АЛРОСА, full name АК " АЛРОСА " ( ЗАО ) ) is a Russian mining company and the second largest diamond corporation in the world. The company has the legal form of a corporation, the headquarters is located in the eastern Siberian city of Mirny.

Starting point for the development of the diamond industry in Russia was the discovery of the first baptized in the name of " Sarnitza " Kimberlitschlotes in the year 1954. 1957 the first industrial diamonds were promoted. In 1992, after the end of the USSR, several companies of the Soviet diamond industry to the corporation Almasy Rossii - Sakha ( Алмазы России - Саха, German: Diamonds of Russia - Sakha ) were merged. Later the abbreviation of that name, ALROSA, the official company name.

In 2001, ALROSA from one up to 2006 cooperation agreement with the company De Beers.

Ownership structure

At the beginning of 2006 involved 37 % of the company shares of state-owned asset management Rosimuschtschestwo, 32 % of the republic of Yakutia, 8% were in possession of the Yakut Rajons ( there in Yakut " Ulus ") and 23% were held by individuals and mutual funds. The share capital is divided into 200,000 shares.

Corporate activities

The company's activity is the exploration and exploitation of diamond deposits, as well as in the production of diamonds. The diamonds are promoted both by open pit and underground. The company owns several processing plants (including in Mirny and Udatschny ) and a hydroelectric power station on the river Wiljui. A subsidiary of ALROSA Seweralmas AG ( ОАО Севералмаз ), promotes diamonds in the Northern European Arkhangelsk Oblast. 2005 generated the ALROSA income of 69.9 billion rubles (about € 2.1 billion ), net profit was 10.5 billion rubles ( € 300 million ).