Alsnö hus

Alsnö hus is the ruins of a royal palace from the Middle Ages on the island Adelsön in Mälaren, northwest of Stockholm. Alsnö hus belongs to Hovgården, which is together with the adjacent Birka since 1993 a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The name is first mentioned in 1200 in writing as " mansionem regiam Alsnu ", ie as a "house of unusual size ." Around 1270 was Magnus Ladulås this building replaced with a stately summer palace of brick. According to certain sources Magnus Ladulås was Brother, Valdemar Birgersson, the original owner, but Magnus took over the project quickly.

On Alsnö hus Magnus Ladulås adopted the Rules of Alsnö with which the status of nobility in Sweden was introduced in 1279.

The end of Aslnö hus

Early as the late 14th century came the end for Alsnö hus. Perhaps the palace has been sacked by Vitali brothers that raged at that time in the Baltic region. The fact that fighting had taken place, showed excavations during the years 1916-1918, it was found that the hill was littered with crossbow arrow heads. Today, only small remnants of foundations exist on a hill northeast of the Church of Adelsö.


Alsnö hus, ruins and Adelsö kyrka

Alsnö hus, remains of walls of foundation walls

Views with Bjorko right in the background