Alt- Wiedikon is a quarter in the district 3 ( Wiedikon ) of the City of Zurich in Switzerland. The district does not return to a former congregation, but a three-division Wiedikons by the statistical office. Alt- Wiedikon includes the oldest settlement areas Wiedikons, the Bühlhügel, the growing hills and the area Giesshübel.

The left Sihlufer forms the eastern border of the district Enge, in the north bordering the neighborhood from the west along the Sihl Zurlindenstrasse and Birmensdorferstrasse to the Wiediker Sihlfeld district. The western border of the Friesenberg runs from Heuried in a southerly direction along the Wasserschöpfi, the Uetliberg and the Borrweg to Arbentalstrasse. The rest of the western boundary follows certain terrain structures: the edge of the former clay pit Binz and the former clay pit Laubegg, south to the Sihl river, at the border with a piece Wollishofen there.