Alta (vehicles)

Alta Inc. (according to other sources Alta ABE ) (Greek Άλτα ) was a Greek manufacturer of three-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles and automobiles.

Company History

The company based in Athens began in 1962 with the production of motorcycles. These were followed by commercial vehicles. In 1968 the company acquired from Bioplastic production facilities and their license for the construction of the Fulda vehicle. The production took place in later years, in a new factory in Elefsis instead. 1977 production ended.

Rolling stock

The motorcycles 50 S possessed a motor from ZF Sachs with 50 cc. A three-wheeled vans called A 700 followed in 1967. This had a two-cylinder engine of the BMW 700 with 35 hp. The payload was 800 kg.

1968 added the passenger cars A 200 the range. This was a subcompact cars to Fulda mobile license with three wheels and was similar to the redesigned rear of the Attica Bioplastic.

Alta A700

Alta A 200

Alta A 200

Alta A 200