• Pierre Lortie ( Chairman of the Board)
  • Terry M. Copeland (CEO and President)

Altair Nanotechnologies, or " Altair Nano " is a research firm in Reno, which is engaged in the development of solutions based on nanotechnology for energy storage and medical technology. The main product of the company is the " Nanosafe " said lithium titanate battery, which for the use in electric vehicles, can be used as stationary energy storage or as an emergency generator in ships. The shares are traded on the U.S. stock exchange Nasdaq ticker symbol " ALTI ".

In the "nano safe " lithium- titanate battery from Altair Nano conventional graphite anode is replaced by a lithium - titanate The outstanding features are the fast-charging properties ( 1 min up to 80 % charge, 10 minutes to 100 %. - charge ), long life, and the temperature - independence. disadvantages are the high price due to low production capacity and compared to conventional lithium -ion batteries lower charge density.

The U.S. patent for the use of this technology was issued in December 2007. Despite significant investments by Eric Schmidt ( CEO of Google ) and other investors as well as great interest the U.S. Navy at the Nanosafe batteries as an emergency generator in ships the commercial breakthrough has not yet succeeded.