Altenau (Alme)

The Altenau in Etteln


The Altenau rises in Westphalia in southern Eggegebirge, not far from the interface to the Sintfeld and just southeast of Paderborn plateau. Your source is located in the south of the Teutoburg Forest Nature Park / Eggegebirge southeast of Blankenrode on Humbert mountain ( 423.4 m above sea level. NN ) to about 389 m above sea level. NN.

Initially, the Altenau flows in a northwesterly direction to the Eggegebirge - flowing through while coming from the south beeping Bach absorbing the flood retention basins Husen - Dalheim and its pre-dam - to leave. Afterwards it will be on the aforementioned plateau by Husen after Atteln where coming from the northeast Sauer opens. After going through their water among other Henglarn, Etteln and Kirchborchen where the coming from the east Ellerbach opens.

Finally, the Altenau flows on the northwestern outskirts of Nordborchen to about 126 m above sea level. NN on lip inflow Alme.


The headwaters of the Altenau lies on the Rhine -Weser watershed: This means that the Altenau, which flows to the northwest, dehydrated over the Alme and lip into the Rhine, while the brook, which arise on the southeast side of the ridge, on the diemelange flow into the Weser.

Water management

Since 1984, when the Water Board Upper lip has the high water retention basins Husen - Dalheim built above Husen with partial duration of storage, the Altenau falls in the range Atteln regularly dry. Through the duration of storage patency Altenau is interrupted. This mud and debris from the upper reaches accumulate as deposits on the basin floor. Since this attachment is now missing below the basin, the river bed has deepened there, which were uncovered in the amount of Atteln Schwalglöcher in which seeps into the water in the karst underground.


Among the tributaries of the Altenau include:

  • Beeping Bach
  • Sour
  • Pure trench
  • Menne
  • Ellerbach


The villages on the Altenau are:

  • Husen - District of Lichtenau
  • Atteln - District of Lichtenau
  • Henglarn - District of Lichtenau
  • Etteln - District of Borchen
  • Gellinghausen - District of Borchen
  • Kirchborchen - District of Borchen
  • Nordborchen - District of Borchen