Altenhof is a municipality in the southwest of the district Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern. It is administered by the Office Robel -Müritz based in the city Robel / Müritz.


The municipality is located on the southwestern edge Altenhof the Mecklenburg Lake District. The ground moraine to Altenhof is a maximum height of 112 m above sea level. NN achieved. The west lies neighboring community Wendisch Priborn belongs to the district Ludwigslust - Parchim. The cities Robel / Müritz, Malchow and Plau are each about 15 miles away. To the west of the district Darze springs the Elde.

To Altenhof part of the district Darze.


The old farm was first mentioned in a hunting lodge of 1572. The cabin could be due to the already mentioned in the 14th century courtyard Breten. A village around the Alter Hof was built from 1748 and 1774 already counted 20 houses with 76 inhabitants.

The acquisition of the population was in the forestry and fisheries sectors, before the 20th century arose tourism.


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  • Field stone house in the Schulstraße 6/8
  • Old Train Station

Economy and infrastructure

Altenhof is characterized by wide fields, meadows and pastures and agriculture related. The church is an elementary school site, also for surrounding villages.

The former station building on the disused railway line between Ganzlin and Robel / Müritz is still in good condition. The task of the railway club Hei Na Ganzlin has faced to preserve the railway Ganzlin - Robel.

Transport links

About the federal highway 198, which runs through the municipality Altenhofs, there are links to Plau am See, Robel / Müritz and the motorway junction Robel on the Autobahn 19 (Berlin- Rostock). More roads lead to Malchow and in Brandenburg Wittstock / Dosse.

Altenhof had a station on the railway line Ganzlin - Robel. The passenger traffic on the route was discontinued in 1966. The nearest train station with passenger located in Malchow.