Altun Ha

Altun Ha is a ruined city of the Maya. It is located about 45 kilometers north of Belize City in Belize and ten kilometers west of the Caribbean Sea. It is believed that the name of Altun Ha means as much as " water that comes out of rocks ."

The first traces of settlement in Altun Ha can be traced to around 1000 BC. The site consists of two main plazas and a total of 300 documented buildings, of which at least thirteen temples. Most of the buildings visible today was built in the so-called classical period. The relatively high number of buildings and rich grave goods indicate that Altun Ha benefited from the trade network between the coast and the interior.

The highest temple in Altun Ha is about 16 meters high. Among the most significant findings include a 15 centimeters high and 4.5 kg heavier Jadekopf, representing the sun god K'inich Ajaw.