As aluminum bronze golden yellow, castable and forgeable aluminum alloy with copper is called. The aluminum content is usually between 9% and 14%. Other common alloying elements are iron, manganese and nickel. The 1923-1939 coined in the German Empire five and ten cent coins and ibid 1923-1925 embossed Fifty Pfennig coins were made of such an alloy. It is sometimes referred to as the coat color as aluminum bronze and aluminum powder suspension.

Characteristics and properties

Other features ( depending on the alloy composition )

  • Wear-resistant
  • Resistant to sea water, corrosion, scaling, erosion and cavitation
  • Heat resistant up to about 400 ° C.

Examples of use

Ship propellers, sliding elements, bearings, shafts, screws, nuts, bolts, worm gears, screws, gears, chemical industry