2439 ( March 31, 2013 )

Alvdal is a commune in the Norwegian Østerdalen, located at the foot of Tronfjell.

It is bordered on the north by the municipality Tynset, to the east by Rendalen, to the south by Stor - Elvdal and to the west by Folldal.

The mountain region around Alvdal called " Alvdalsfjellene " and the area west of Alvdal " Alvdal Vestfjell ". The highest elevation in Vestfjell is with 1827m the Stor Sølnkletten. In the western parts, there are other peaks that exceed 1700m. The Alvdal Vestfjell has its own Wildrenstamm. The climate is similar to the Rondane National Park.

The railway line Rørosbane crosses the municipality.

The most famous son Alvdals is the humorist Kjell Aukrust.

In Alvdal is a production facility of dairy Synnøve Find ASA with about 150 employees.