Alvin Saunders

Alvin Saunders ( born July 12, 1817 Fleming County, Kentucky; † November 1, 1899 in Omaha, Nebraska ) was an American politician. He was from 1861 to 1867 last governor of the Nebraska Territory and later U.S. Senator for the state of Nebraska.

Early years and political rise

Alvin Saunders attended the local schools of his home in Kentucky. In 1829 he moved with his father to Illinois in 1836 and to Mount Pleasant in what is now Iowa, which was then still part of the Wisconsin Territory. There Saunders spent seven years as head of the local post office. Although he studied law, but has never taken a legal career. Instead, he took part in the trade and was engaged in the banking business. Saunders was a member of the Constituent Assembly of Iowa in 1846. Between 1854 and 1856, and again 1858-1860 he sat in the Senate of that State. After that, he was part of a set by Congress Commission, which should help in the organization of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Territorial Governor of Nebraska

After the electoral victory of the Republicans and the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln Saunders was appointed as the new and last territorial governor of Nebraska. He held office from 1861 until the onset of the territory as a state in the United States in 1867. During these years, some parts of the vast territory were outsourced or assigned to other territories. These included areas of present-day states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The area slowly approached at the borders of the future state of Nebraska. The concurrent civil war had little impact on Nebraska.

U.S. Senator

With the addition of Nebraska as the 37th state in the Union ended on March 1, 1867 Alvin Saunders ' tenure as territorial governor. In 1868 he was a delegate to the Republican National Convention, was nominated on the Ulysses S. Grant as a presidential candidate. Between 1877 and 1883 represented Saunders the new state of Nebraska in the U.S. Senate in Washington. He was chairman of the Committee for the control of ongoing incorporated U.S. territories. Alvin Saunders died in 1899 in Omaha.

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