Amadeus IT Group

Amadeus is a European software company, which sells the same computer reservation system ( CRS).


The flight reservation system Amadeus originated in the late 1980s: On June 17, signed in 1987, Air France, Iberia, SAS and Lufthansa German Airlines in Paris Treaties establishing the Amadeus CRS, after an internationally marketable CRS should be developed on a European basis, to the to break U.S. hegemony, which was determined among other things by the CRS Sabre. The first phase of the system development was completed in 1991, the first booking with Amadeus took place on 7 January 1992. 1995, the American competitor System One, a subsidiary of the airline Eastern Airlines was acquired. In 2002, Amadeus went on with flight bookings to the world market leader. 2005, a strategic realignment was initiated. Amadeus aims to become the leading global provider of IT solutions for airlines and the entire tourism industry.



Headquartered in Madrid, from where also the marketing is headed. The location of Sophia Antipolis in Nice is responsible for the development and distribution of the software under the name Amadeus SAS. The data center called Amadeus Data Processing GmbH is located in Erding near Munich. Other major sites of departments and subsidiaries are Bad Homburg, Miami, Bangkok, London, Buenos Aires and Sydney.


End of 2005, Amadeus was sold with a leveraged buyout largely ( 99.0 %) of the newly established company WAM Acquisition SA. This company is majority-owned by Amadelux Investment SA ( 54.24 %) ( BC Partners / Cinven ), with a minority stake of Air France ( 22.88 %), Iberia ( 11.44 %) and Lufthansa ( 11.44 %). Amadeus has since ceased to be listed on the stock exchanges of Madrid, Paris and Frankfurt.

In April 2010, the WAM Acquisition SA brought a certain part of Amadeus back to the Madrid Stock Exchange. The first tranche of the IPO, which was four times oversubscribed, about 1.3 billion brought a euro, of which nearly a billion to pay down debt is to be used. While Lufthansa and Air France are also to initiate their shares on the stock market, Iberia will retain their own share.

The German Lufthansa announced on November 13, 2012, to want to sell 3.61 % of the remaining 7.61 % there.


In the individual countries are Amadeus Commercial Organisations ( ACOs ) responsible for the care of the travel agencies and tour operators. The ACOs are separate companies, but often are owned by Amadeus. The ACO is responsible for Germany Amadeus Germany in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt am Main. The German ACO occupies a special position because it also performs well as global tasks to regional, such as the global central purchasing, development or security services.

The development Frankfurt is closely linked to Sofia Antipolis and Antwerp. In Bad Homburg find on the one hand developments for the earlier start - now German backend system instead. Secondly, here the global development departments for the Amadeus Selling Platform and the mid and back office are situated.