AMAG Automobil- und Motoren

AMAG group is a main activity in the automotive trade Swiss group of companies under the umbrella of Careal Holding AG. The management of the entire AMAG Group is housed in Zurich on Utoquai. The Group employs almost 5,300 people and generated 2011 sales of 4.3 billion Swiss francs.

The heart of the AMAG Group is founded in 1945 by Walter Haefner AMAG Automobil-und Motoren AG, headquartered in Zurich. This agreement, signed on April 29, 1948 an import contract with Volkswagen and 1951, one with a Porsche that still form the basis for the network operated by AMAG Automobil- import business to this day. In May 2008, AMAG hired the import of Porsche cars, as the subsidiary Porsche AG Switzerland claimed this for themselves. However, AMAG remains important trading partner of the brand and has 13 sales and service locations, according to self-reported the largest Porsche dealership in Switzerland and the fourth largest Porsche dealer in the world.

For AMAG Group AMAG Automobil-und Motoren AG are among the divisions AMAG Import ( vehicle import) and AMAG Retail (over 80 's garage operations ), AMAG Leasing AG (leasing business), the ROC AG (Regional Occasions Center - New and used cars ) and AMAG Services AG ( Europcar car rental and car parks ).

The company logo symbolized by 2013 Auto Union racing car Type A, the traveling towards the viewer. In the center of the vehicle body, left and right front wheels and the axle with drum brakes. In September 2013, the AMAG changed its market presence and thus the logo completely. Now, the company uses a simple logo as a logo.