Amahlathi Local Municipality

The municipality (Local Municipality ) Amahlati is part of the district Amathole, Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. Covering an area of 4,820 km ² live 122 778 inhabitants ( 2011). The administrative center is Stutterheim on the National Road N6.

Natural space

The community name is a Xhosa term for a "place where many trees are a forest ." Forestry is the main industry in the community.

The landscape of the municipality is on the one hand influenced by the partially wooded chains of the Amathole Mountains and the other hand on her slightly wavy and almost treeless farmland ( grasslands ). The geological structure of the area consists of parts of the Karoo Basin and its main base is formed of sandstones and Doleritintrusionen.


The population consists mainly of Xhosa and English and afrikaanssprechender whites. Descendants of the San are represented only in small numbers.

The main economic activity of the local population are:

  • Trade and commerce in the small towns
  • Forestry
  • Farm businesses (primarily cattle, little plant production, isolated traditional grassland management)
  • Conservation and sustainable tourism ( nature observation, and Art)

Cities / Towns