Amalafrid ( * before 531, † 552) was the son of the Thuringian king Herminafried and Amalaberga and his sister in-law of the Lombard king Audoin.

After the fall of the Kingdom of Thuringia 531, he fled with his mother first in the Ostrogothic Ravenna. After their conquest by Byzantine forces in 540 Amalafrid and his mother were spent in the wake of the Eastern Roman magister militum ( Captains ) Belisarius to Constantinople Opel. A military career in Byzantine service let him ascend to the Master of the Soldiers around the year 550 itself. During the Lombard - Gepid war sent Emperor Justinian I in 552 Eastern Roman auxiliary troops to the Lombards under the command of Generals Justin and Justinian, the sons of Germanus, and Aratius, Suartuas and Amalafrid. The Byzantine army was stopped ( near the present-day Lipljan in Old Serbia ) by religious unrest in the bishopric Ulpiana. The only one Amalafrid met with its units at a time his brother- Audoin. From a reply to the letter of the Holy Radegund Amalafrid shows the Amalafrid in Gepidenkrieg has fallen. He had a known son named Artachis. Among his descendants might one John Athalaric, an illegitimate son of Heraclius.