The Holy Amandus also Amand (c. 575 in Poitou; † around 676 in Elno, today Saint- Amand- les -Eaux ) was a missionary in Flanders and bishop of Tongeren -Maastricht.


Amandus has done in his life in different places and it is referred to by country and topic as Amandus van Tongeren, Maastricht Amandus, Amandus van Gent or Amandus of Elno.


Amandus struck early on a career in which alone he could act publicly in its Roman origin. He served the church through preaching, conversion and foundation of monasteries. First missionary among Basques and Slavs, he was Dagobert II, who banished him as a strict moralist, but otherwise effectively supported, the apostle of Belgium.

He founded the monasteries as a traveling bishop Blandinium and St. Bavo in Ghent and was later named after him monastery of Saint -Amand ( Elno ) at Tournai, was 647-649 the bishopric of Tongeren -Maastricht ago renounced the same, as he savaged the clergy not Master was, in spite of the warnings Pope Martin I, and turned back part of the heath conversion in the Scheldt areas, partly to the contemplative life in his monastery Elno, where he died about the year 675.

Relics of St. Amandus located since 1760 in the parish church of St. Peter and Paul in Oberammergau.


The following churches remember on February 6 at Amandus:

  • Evangelical Church in Germany ( Memorial Day in the name Evangelical Calendar )
  • Roman Catholic Church