Amanitore ( around 50 AD ) was a Nubian queen, who is usually mentioned together with King Natakamani and perhaps also ruled. Like a king they had a written in Egyptian hieroglyphics throne name: Merkare.

They appear on equal footing with this ruler on various monuments: the temple B 500 in Napata, in the Temple of Amun M 260 in Meroe, at the Lion Temple ( Apedemak ) of Naqa or in the temple of Duanib, to name just a few examples.

It has therefore been assumed in the research usually assumes that she was the wife of this ruler and reigned beside him on an equal footing. However, recent observations cast doubt on this interpretation arise. Amanitore is apparently never called Qore, which is the Meroitic word for king. On the other hand your regular title is kdke ( Candace ). So she has therefore hardly reigns as king.

In the area of Natakamani and Amanitore now appear again and again three princes or dignitaries ( Arikancharora, Arakachatani, Shorakaror ), of which Arikancharora certainly was not the son of Amanitore it can be assumed that that Natakamani probably had another wife. Natakamani Amanitore and were therefore probably not a king pair. Amanitore therefore seems to be well have been rather the mother of the ruler, who ruled for her son when he was still young.

Amanitore was buried in Meroe in the pyramid N1. The building is only about 6 x 6 m in the base large, which is not a pyramid but two successive built mastabas in the true sense. Your name was found in the grave chapel in front of the building. This consists of a room with a pylon. Pyramid and chapel are partially restored today.